About Us

endPoverty.org is a faith-based non-profit that works with local organizations in the developing world
to empower individuals and families to lift themselves out of the entanglements of poverty.

We provide small loans and training to hardworking men and women. These individuals use the income from their business to provide education, healthcare, shelter, and other resources for themselves and their families. Lives are changed now and for generations to come.

about us

Our Mission

To provide hard-working men and women with economic and spiritual resources that unleash their capacities and liberate them from the entanglements of poverty.

Our Values

  1. We target the very poor. In many areas, loans as little as $10 can help individuals build their business.
  2. We don’t give handouts. Through our partners’ microloan programs, money is lent to entrepreneurs, repaid, and loaned out again. This financial support enables individuals to grow their business and lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty.
  3. We effect lasting change. We work with local organizations in the developing world – our partners – to create self-sustaining microfinance programs. As their loan programs grow, our partners can respond to local needs by developing schools, health clinics, and other community resources.
  4. We work to build communities. Our partners speak the local language, understand the culture, and have strong relationships with the people they serve. We work to maximize their impact by providing leadership development, staff training and funding for their microloan programs.
  5. We share knowledge. We connect our partners, enabling them to learn from each other. Our partners work together to better serve their own communities by drawing on each other’s experience and expertise.
  6. We are driven by our faith and hope in Jesus Christ. We were founded on the Christian call to serve the poor and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We seek to address the needs of the whole person: physical through economic opportunities; personal through encouragement and mentoring; and spiritual through moral and ethical counseling, love, and guidance. We help those living in poverty regardless of their religious beliefs, ethnicity or gender, and welcome the support of all people of good will.

Our Work

After almost three decades of work across the developing world, endPoverty.org understands that poor people in every country have skills and initiative that they want to use to lift their families out of poverty. Instead of a handout in the form of aid, many thousands of poor clients have received a hand up through training and small business loans. Hungry for credit from sources other than local loan sharks, these clients have responded by demonstrating unmistakably the creditworthiness of the world’s poor: Loan repayment rates in endPoverty-funded programs typically exceed 90 percent, surpassing the performance of many commercial institutions. Rather than cultivating dependency, this strategy of microenterprise creates self-supporting entrepreneurs, and as a consequence, healthier families and stronger local communities.

endPoverty operates by the strategy that strengthening a country begins with the quality of the services provided within a country. Rather than administering a large number of permanent branch offices around the world, over the years we have helped form and strengthen many indigenous, Christian organizations to utilize the benefits of carefully crafted microenterprise operations as a means of developing their communities. We help these ministries strive towards the financial sustainability of their program and then to grow in compatible directions based on the needs of their community and as their organizational capabilities and resources lead them. Today, many of these organizations are now much larger than endPoverty and have expanded to education and training, medicine, orphanages, feeding those on the street, and various ministry outreach programs.

Our Accountability

Our many decades of working with many of our original partners, our external accreditations, and a foundation in strong faith assure donors that their donations actively lift the hard-working poor out of poverty.