Celebrating CSS India’s Silver Jubilee!

Several Board members and I had the joy and privilege of attending CSS India’s Silver Jubilee – celebrating 25 years of service to the poor.  endPoverty, then called Transformation Development International, was CSS’ founding partner, helping to fund, encourage, and advise Himadri Munshi back in 1989 when CSS was just an idea. 25 years later, at the celebration event, Himadri said “my dream has come true.”  Nearly 20,000 clients are working their way out of poverty. These 20,000, though their bank accounts may be small, have been encouraged by CSS to give back to their communities. Despite their own needs, they are contributing towards education scholarships for children in their communities and supporting the children at CSS’ two orphanages. They tell us they feel proud and blessed that they can bless others. They are Poverty Enders!

The video below highlights some of the celebration event!