Our Work

EndPoverty works through a network of faith-based, locally-led development organizations around the world. We strongly believe in developing indigenous leadership and our local partners and staff have a unique understanding of the culture of the poor communities they serve in.

Each of our partners:
  • Provide small loans to help hard-working poor families start and grow their own businesses.
  • Offer business training and technical assistance to our borrowers
  • Build networks of community support and serve as mentors to our borrowers and their families.
The majority of our partners operate a group-lending model which promotes accountability and encouragement between community members. Depending on the country, first time loans range from $20-$500. Regardless of the loan size, the results are significant. With profits from their businesses, parents are able to send their children to school, provide better nutrition, health care, shelter and clothing for their families, and become engaged in their communities to break the cycle of poverty. They are given dignity and hope and as a result, lives are changed now and for generations to come.All of our programs are designed to become self-sustaining, meaning that fees and interest earned on the loans are adequate to cover local program operating expenses. Once this point is reached, no further outside funding is needed for operating expenses, allowing all new funding to go toward program development and new loans. With loan repayment rates greater than 95%, loan capital is lent out again and again, multiplying its impact by helping many more families in the future.Since 1985, EndPoverty has provided technical and financial support to more than 37 programs in some 50 countries and equipped more than 200,000 families to lift themselves out of poverty.