Meet Miriaum from Uganda

IMG_4777 We had the joy and privilege of being together with our new partners in Uganda. Assist Community Initiatives (ACI) is based in Kampala and serves the peri-urban and rural communities surrounding Kampala; and Christian Action for Empowering Church and Community (CAFECC) is based in Northern Uganda in Arua. Our dear friends from CAFECC were gracious enough to meet us in Kampala this time because we were unable to travel to the north due to a tight schedule. But that opened up the opportunity for CAFECC to see, observe, and learn what and how ACI operates. We had a wonderful time of fellowship and learning together.

We had the joy of meeting Miriaum. Can you believe she is 83 years old? She is one of the clients of ACI from Ngassa Village in Uganda. The leaders of ACI first met Miriaum in 1998, when she was struggling to raise her own children. Today, she is a microentrepreneur selling fruits and straw mats that she makes by hand.  She has received many loans over the past 16 years that have helped her grow a successful business, and through that business, she is able to support her family and now her community.

Miriaum is not only a successful microentrepreneur. She is a well-respected and sought out mother figure to many. Her passion for God pours out with such energy, joy, and love to those around her (watch the video of her below as she leads her microfinance group in a song about trusting God). People come to her seeking guidance on business, family, and spiritual matters, while she proactively reaches out to encourage, counsel, and care for others in her community. She is a leader transforming lives in her family, her village, and her community.