Rebuilding after the Storm – Philippines

I’m back in the Philippines running more strategic visioning workshops with the leadership team of CCT.  endPoverty’s Board Chairman and another partner organization that we have grown very close to, PEER Servants, based in Boston (we now share a couple of partners and are working more and more closely together, and loving the opportunity to serve together as one Kingdom family), came to visit some of the areas destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). I joined them on the visit and brainstorming and planning discussions that followed.  It was really encouraging to see us all working closely together, thinking and planning, evaluating options and prioritizing based on the needs and opportunities of the devastated communities.  CCT has provided relief intervention in these areas, and is now expanding its recovery and rebuilding work.  Here are a couple of the communities we visited.

Logingot Island, Philippines

CCT has been working on this small, remote island community in the Visayas region, just east of Panay. This island was devastated by the typhoon. Most homes were destroyed, along with all the island’s boats and fishing equipment – the major livelihood income source for this community. CCT provided relief supplies and is helping to rebuild homes and providing microloans to finance the purchase of new boats and equipment. Below are pictures of a destroyed boat and a new one financed by a CCT microloan for a community partner (loan recipient) from Logingot Island.

destroyedboat Feb2014


Eastern Samar, Philippines

CCT is working with local government agencies and other NGOs in rebuilding five communities in Leyte and Eastern Samar. CCT has sent recent graduates of CCT’s Magdalena Campus Vocational & Technical Training School to these devastated areas to train other young men in construction, and together, to build new homes and buildings for these communities