Uganda – Family Hope Canteen

In the last couple of years, we’ve been working closely with our Ugandan partner to restructure their microloan program. Their new program is a savings-based, community fellowship oriented microloan program. When I went to visit this month, what I saw and heard put a huge smile across my face. The very positive impact the program is having on the communities where our partner is working is impressive. There are definitely challenges and improvements to be made, but overall quite positive.

Elizabeth is one of the beneficiaries of the new program. 7 years ago, Elizabeth was in a near fatal accident that left her disabled. Since then she has felt helpless, hopeless, and suffered depression. This year, she joined with no intention of starting a business – she just wanted to save whatever money she had. Inspired by others in her group and the business trainings and encouragement of the staff, she decided to put the business training to use and opened a small eatery on the grounds of the healing center she went to for her rehabilitation. Prior to her accident, she was an office secretary so running a business was scary and shocking to her. 6 months after joining, she shared that being part of this makes her feel proud. She said, “I feel big”. She laughed with joy as she realized that she is dreaming again. “Glory to God” she proclaimed.

Click on the video below to hear her tell her story!