Specializing in Organic Peanut Butter

Benon does not miss his old job, traveling very far to sell potatoes, and missing out on his children’s childhood. Back then, Benon could not afford land or a home, or even sending his children to school. While ambitious and resourceful, Benon had little hope to take advantage of his talents because of the barriers of living in a poverty-stricken community.

That is until he met EndPoverty’s local partner, ACI. Through his partnership with ACI, Benon took a leap of faith and started a small business making and selling organic peanut butter.

Demand for peanuts is very high in Uganda, making them difficult to come by and making peanut butter is very demanding. Benon will tell you, “My biggest challenge is managing the supply of peanuts and the maintenance of my machine. If my grinder breaks down, it can be expensive to repair, and when my machine is not working, I have no income.”

Benon began with a loan of just US$277.  While the work is challenging, Benon’s partnership with EndPoverty’s local partner has enabled him to purchase peanuts, a nut grinder, and land for his family to live on – something unfathomable for most people in his poor community.

Through Benon’s hard work making and selling organic peanut butter, he has successfully launched and grown his business. This has increased his income, allowing him to pull his family out of extreme poverty. Now, he plans to expand his business to keep up with the growing demand for organic peanut butter.



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