Overcoming Life's Difficulties

David lives in a rural part of Cameroon in Central Africa. He was born with a rare physical disability which made it very difficult to get a job. He did not view himself as a recipient of charity, so he learned to repair TVs at an electronics shop and dreamed to start his own repair business. But, because of his disability, David was unable to move around as easily as the other employees and it was very tough for him to transport TVs to clients or collect necessary parts.

David worked very hard and deep down, he knew he was more than capable to run his own business and be the chief provider for his family. When he came across endPoverty’s field partner, WINHEEDCAM, David’s whole life changed. He received a loan and business skills training, the two missing pieces to his dream. He started his own electronics repair business, employed his sons and neighbors to do the physical labor he was unable to do, and his business began to grow.

David is extremely proud of his accomplishments, saying “my greatest achievement is having built a house for my family and providing an education for my children.” He is incredibly grateful for regular mentorship and support from WINHEEDCAM, whom David said with gratitude, “…they counsel me with prayer, guide me on how to run my business, and provide me with regular moral support.”



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