Since 1985, we've helped build over 200,000 small businesses in 37 countries around the world.

End Poverty is a faith-based non-profit that works with local organizations in the developing world to empower individuals and families to lift themselves out of the entanglements of poverty.

We provide small loans and training to hardworking men and women. These individuals use the income from their business to provide education, healthcare, shelter, and other resources for themselves and their families. Lives are changed now and for generations to come.

Our Mission

To provide hard-working men and women with economic and spiritual resources that unleash their capacities and liberate them from the entanglements of poverty.

Our Values

We focus on the enterprising poor.

We believe that the smartest way to approach ending poverty is by equipping the poor to end poverty themselves. We have seen first-hand that by investing in the enterprising poor, we can unlock the potential to transform impoverished communities worldwide. To receive a loan, each individual must display initiative and desire to change their future through their current small business.

We work through local partner organizations.

Our partners are locally registered, non-governmental organizations in the developing world that have their own staff and boards of directors. These organizations are made up of people who speak the local language, understand the local culture, and have strong ties to the people they serve. We provide different levels and types of support; they implement the programs and are held accountable through reports and good faith cooperation.

We do not discriminate.

Residents of chronically poor communities are eligible to participate in End Poverty’s programs regardless of religion, race, gender or creed.

We focus on economic development.

We believe handouts crush initiative and create dependency. While relief and aid programs meet immediate and often emergency needs, we believe that creating business and job opportunities provide long-term solutions to poverty through income generation.

We work to grow the impact of our partners as they strive towards sustainability.

All our programs are designed with the goal of self-sustainability. Many programs use revolving loan funds, through which money is lent to local entrepreneurs, repaid, and lent again in the community, while others use different means of cost recovery. Our partners help micro-entrepreneurs reach sustainability through lifting themselves and their families out of poverty. Similarly, we work with our partners to help them grow their long-term sustainability, through strong leadership and healthy organizations, as they impact more communities.

We are driven by our faith and hope in Christ.

End Poverty was founded on the Christian call to serve the poor and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We seek to minister to the needs of the whole person: physical, through economic opportunities; personal, through encouragement and mentoring; and spiritual, through moral and ethical counsel, love and guidance.

We value a culture of learning and knowledge sharing.

Over the years we’ve shared in our partners’ challenges and successes. In turn, we have seen them grow and mature as faith-based microfinance and economic development experts. We relate to our partners with a learning mindset because we can learn a lot from them. Our partners value the training and support we provide to build their capabilities, moving the organizations toward sustainability. We intentionally connect our partners with each other or with other experts to share relevant knowledge and experiences that help them grow. We believe our combined knowledge, experience, and creativity can help us more effectively reach people living in poverty.

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Our Team

We feel called to respond to the needs of the poor around the world.

Our Story

Since 1985, we’ve helped build over 200,000 small businesses in 37 countries around the world.

Our Financials

We pride ourselves in being transparent about our finances.

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