Empowered Widow

Tontu Gladys remembers what it was like to struggle daily.  She always wanted the best for her children, but in their extreme poverty, it was a challenge just to put food on the table.  Providing a future for them seemed completely out of reach.  Tontu was looking for solutions, but there were none.

Then she heard about a program through EndPoverty’s partner there in Cameroon, WINHEEDCAM.  Through their guidance, training, and with a small loan, Tontu created her own solution.  She purchased two pigs and raised them for market, earning profit enough to purchase several more.  Her business now thrives, and she now lives a life of which she’d only dreamed, where there is no shortage of food, her children have college educations and careers, and she is happy.  “After my husband died in 2011, I was able to continue from where he stopped. I could pay the children’s school fees, and today I am very proud of WINHEEDCAM, because I have a medical doctor in my family.  I have a teacher in my family.”

Tontu will tell you that she could not have done this without the help she received from EndPoverty and WINHEEDCAM. In addition to the microloan of $50, she gained a support network where she learned business techniques and principles.  Raising pigs is not easy work.  It is dirty and demanding, but she is continually grateful for the opportunity.  She also became part of a spiritual community, which she credits with seeing her through the difficult days after her husband passed away.

Like many others who have benefitted from EndPoverty and our local partnerships, Tontu isn’t simply enjoying the stability and comfort that her business now provides.  She is paying it forward by traveling across Cameroon, sometimes through difficult and dangerous terrain, to reach other young women who need the same kind of guidance and support she received.  She continues to work hard in her pig business, and she wants another generation of young women to know that they can achieve the same success and happiness she has achieved.


Tantu Gladys

endPoverty Partner
Pig Farmer